Link Sharing: 6/3/08

June 3, 2008

Social Media Is Timely, Get Over It: Alexander van Elsas encourages us tech bloggers to step out of the constant info-flow and relax. Related: There is always something new on Techmeme.

How To Watch Hulu Videos If You Live Outside The US: Lots of amusing content on Hulu, including full movies and classic Battlestar Galactica.

Web 2.0: A Philosophy Of Elitism And Technological Divide: Something to think about – especially how us tech nerds are drooling over “mobile computing” with the new iPhone, yet in order to take advantage of this you need a fair amount of clams to buy the phone and pay the monthly phone bill. A lot of technology we take for granted (latest computer, WiFi and routers in the home, broadband access) aren’t ubiquitious or affordable for everyone.

Lessons Learned From A Hard Drive Failure: Another friendly reminder – back up your stuff.

Tag Galaxy: Inefficient but amusing Flash interface for browsing Flickr photos.

Windows 7 Video: So Windows 7 has multitouch. Apple is surely pleased, because surely Apple will introduce a better version in OS X earlier. If Microsoft really wants to get a leg up, they need to innovate something other than what Apple is surely already working on.

Comcast Hijackers Say They Warned the Company First: Hilarious account of why the hackers hacked Comcast – “Comcast is just a huge corporation, and we wanted to take them out, and we did.”

Wikipedia 3.0: You Can Now Edit Any Page On Mahalo: Mahalo keeps churning along, keying in on what web searchers are looking for – reliable information.

The Dreams Of Doctor Who And Star Trek Fans Vs. The Realities Of Their Lives: Very interesting data-porn for sci-fi fans.

Unhealthy Drinks Exposed: Damn you, Vitamin Water.

Indiana Jones Sequel? Do not want.