Elite Tech News Podcast #9

May 26, 2008

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Yet another Elite Tech News Podcast is in the can, and this week the guest was the inimitable Robert Scoble, who graciously chimed in on the hot subjects of FriendFeed and Twitter.

Topics covered were FriendFeed adding rooms, Twitter not enforcing its TOS, the 3G iPhone, cable continuing to charge more. As for the latter point, several of us are finding cable alternatives like Hulu or downloading video content to a computer or Apple TV increasingly appealing.

Download the podcast here. Or listen to the show over at TalkShoe.

The regular crew was largely in attendance: Mark ‘Rizzn’ Hopkins Steven Hodson, MG Siegler, Louis Gray, Art Lindsey, Frederic Lardinois, and myself.

Lastly, we’ve set up a FriendFeed Room where you can get more info about we talk about on the show, leave comments, or drop the participants notes. Also, if you’re an awesome tech blogosphere luminary and want to be on a future program, leave a note in the FriendFeed room.