3G iPhone 2.0 Rumor Round Up: 5/25/08

May 25, 2008

Apple Rumors

June 9 is right around the corner, so I’ll revive the “Apple Rumor Round Up” theme from here on out. As is expected when an Apple event is soon upon us, the rumors will surely get increasingly wild and wacky as the keynote date nears, and I intend to keep track of as many as possible, since it’s my intent to purchase one of these new iPhones as soon as they’re available.

iPhone Will Contain Photo Geotagging: A great idea to help organize all those crazy photos one looks at later and can’t remember where the heck they were taken. Certainly there will be iPhoto integration to bring the tags to the desktop.

Apple Hasn’t Missed The iPhone Sales Boat: This article points out that not everyone who wants an iPhone has already purchased one. I’m in this “fashionably late early adopter” group – although I’ve been lusting for an iPhone ever since it was announced, I’m also wary of any “1.0″ hardware. Features predicted: better camera, built-in GPS, 3.5G chipset, 32 GB if not more. The article also predicts that the new iPhone will surely allow Apple to sell 10 million iPhones before year’s end.

Mysterious Apple Product Arrives In North America: This site tracks shipments from overseas, and describes “millions of units” for Apple coming from China, more specifically the manufacturer Quanta, who “delivered 20 ocean containers of merchandise, described… as ‘electric computers.’” The iPhone is the most likely candidate.

AT&T To Cut The Price Of Apple’s New iPhone: I pray this is true: AT&T will subsidize the iPhone to $199 with a two year contract.

AT&T Says 3G Network To Be Completed By June: Perfect timing.

Fortune details what to expect from his Jobness June 9 (WWDC Keynote): New iPhone, new iphone OS, integration, and new MacBooks.

iPhone Line Forms At Apple’s Flagship Store For Absolutely No Reason: Even I’m not this big of a fanboy, although I must admit the thought crossed my mind to get in line right now.

More to come, I’m sure.


  1. Name Less says:

    may 9th isn't around the corner…it's already over…..u need to change to june 9th..

  2. webomatica says:

    Whoops. Honest mistake; I just changed the date. Thanks.

  3. chrispalle says:

    Love how Apple has this many rumors _always_ floating about. I'm excited about the release. I just hope I can get an upgrade discount from AT&T (to get that subsidized price) Generally, AT&T – and most providers, I believe – will make you wait 18months before upgrading with subsidized discounts. I bought my current iPhone on the day it came out last year, but that's still only 12 months… which would mean nobody with a current iPhone would be able to get the new one on the launch.

  4. webomatica says:

    Yeah one thing I have heard nothing about is if there will be some “upgrade” option for current iPhone owners. We'll see.

  5. Nathan Lanier says:

    Everyone knows the 3G device is coming. . .

    But what about a cheaper redesigned version of their current offering? I mean, no doubt the current iPhone is spectacular and the 3G device will be even better, but will they move enough units to meet their targets with the price of the new phone likely to be 500+?

    As a shareholder I hope to see more storage and a price drop for the current phone. . ..

  6. webomatica says:

    I did read one blog post speculating on an iPhone Nano http://hrmpf.com/wordpress/256/is-iphone-nano-s
    – which I'm personally doubtful of. I personally hope the rumors of
    AT&T subsidizing the phone price are true, and will make the new phone
    more affordable.

  7. Nathan Lanier says:

    There's gotta be something because without something they're not moving 45 million units in 09.