The Bird And The Bee, Please Clap Your Hands

May 24, 2008

5 stars = 5 stars

The Good

The Bad


The Bird And The Bee make pop music for sure, but the sort where the verses contrast impeccably with awesome choruses, and Greg Kurstin’s flawless production surrounds a crystal clear voice of Inara George. What more can one ask for? I’ll pick up their next album for sure.

Here’s a video for Polite Dance Song:

iTunes Store Link: Please Clap Your Hands – EP – The Bird and the Bee


  1. Sprague D says:

    Very cool. Great deadpan, drenched in irony 90's vibe. Love bands that pull from genres across decades.

  2. Sprague D says:

    I've been back to this page like 5 times to watch the video. Ok, ok, I'll buy it on iTunes.

    I hope you're getting a cut from Jobs… ;-)

  3. webomatica says:

    i know I've listened to that one song (and the whole EP) quite a bit so I think I got my 99 cents worth. Glad you liked it – it's like… a nearly perfect single…

  4. Emo says:

    This is my music obsession at the moment…hehe

  5. webomatica says:

    yep I like most of their stuff and love particular songs. definitely looking forward to whatever they release next.