Twitter Is Down Again: Quit Twitter For The Twit-Out

May 20, 2008

Just a reminder: The “Twit-Out” – a day long Twitter boycott is going on tomorrow. Quit Twitter (love the sound of that) to send a message that you’re sick of the outages and the company needs to get its act together.

I’ve had my own personal boycott going on since last week and the world hasn’t ended. Since then, Twitter has gone down twice, once today. The outages occur so often that even Mike Arrington of TechCrunch has taken notice. Jeremiah Owyang suggests FriendFeed as an alternative (so do I). Personally, I have found FriendFeed a decent replacement as far meme tracking.

Update: Here’s a Twit-Out home page.

Twitter needs to get with the program. The negative publicity is spreading. Twitter is becoming a joke, and FriendFeed is reaping all the benefits.


  1. mark says:

    Handy during the boycott :-)
    It won't find problems in the functionality of web applications, but this seems a reliable tool to see if Twitter (or any site) is down or not:

  2. Mark says:

    I suppose this is a good idea – the down or not site – but it took so long I thought it too was down.
    Yes, twitter is way down at the moment the site will not load at all.


  3. zohai says:

    Haha.. Twitter is having some crisis I guess. =/ They better get their act together or they'll lose all their fans. =P Lots of people are ranting cos of Twitter.

  4. Guess there are some people that dislike Twitter. Hope Twitter can overcome this obstacles.

  5. I dun really like Twitter myself =/
    It's just plain, crappy for me. Sorry to Twitter's fans.