Link Sharing: 4/25/08

April 25, 2008

Been a while since I did a “link sharing” post so here goes.

What Have You Done For You Lately? Engtech mixes up his routine and gets high on life.

Managing Information Overload This “life hack” works really well; more should try it.

Gross Stuff Found In Vitamin Water If you drink flavored water to cut down on soda, this article will get you to cut down on the flavored water, too.

What Happens If The Real World Bites Twitter On The Ass? Cool technology and tons of users is only part of the puzzle – don’t forget ego politics, burn rate, and monetization (or lack thererof).

Who’s Going To Say The “P” Word? “P” meaning portal. I foresee a day where my portal is Google, and I’ll just import my FriendFeed and Twitter feeds there.

25 Seriously Twisted Trees: From Uncanny Urban Overgrowth To Awesome Arbosculpture I just like the word “arbosculpture.”

Maybe Higher Food Prices Are Really Good For Us As A Society Forcing people to appreciate what they have (not waste food), plus go on a diet. I love how recessions guide people toward common sense.

Ning Raises $60 Million For “Nuclear Winter” Does he know something we don’t? Ants and grasshoppers?