Battlestar Galactica: Who Is The Last Cylon?

April 25, 2008

Final Five

Battlestar Galactica has five “final” humanoid Cylons, four of which were revealed at the end of Season 3. Producer Ron Moore has said he already knows who the last Cylon is, and has left clues in the series so far. A lot of the rampant speculation is based on these “clues” – although what exactly constitutes a clue is certainly up to speculation as well.

What I Consider Clues

Another Clue: The Entertainment Weekly Photograph(?)

Final Five

Entertainment Weekly published a Galactica photograph that mimics Da Vinci’s Last Supper. It has a blank seat representing the last Cylon. Ron Moore was asked if the empty spot meant any of the characters photographed was therefore not the final Cylon. Ron Moore replied, “You ferreted that out pretty slyly… I didn’t want to give that away.” Therefore, these characters are eliminated as the final Cylon: Roslin, Lee, Baltar, Starbuck, Helo, and Admiral Adama (the rest are known Cylons).

There is also the possibility the photograph eliminates nobody. Aaron Douglas (Chief) has said the photograph has no hidden meaning in regards to the final Cylon.

The Zodiac = Twelve Colonies?

Is there a relationship between the 12 human Cylons and the 12 colonies? There are 12 human looking Cylons total (Cavil, Doral, Simon, Leoben, Biers, Boomer, Six, Tigh, Chief, Tory, Anders, and one to be revealed). Could they be matched up with the twelve zodiac symbols, and their equivalents to the colonies? If so, the last Cylon could prove easier to discern.

Aquarius (Aquaria)
Aries (Aerelon)
Cancer (Canceron)
Capricorn (Caprica)
Gemini (Gemenon)
Leo (Lenis)
Libra (Libris)
Pisces (Picon)
Sagitarius (Sagittaron)
Scorpio (Scorpia)
Taurus (Tauron)
Virgo (Virgon)

Other Theories

So Who’s Left?

If one believes the “gender balance” theory and the EW photograph, there are few characters left. The only female characters not in the photograph are relatively minor ones: Dualla, Seelix, and Racetrack. If you want to include deceased females, add Callie, Cain, and Kat. I don’t think any would be a powerful, dramatic reveal in terms of the plot. If the gender balance is a non-issue, possibilities are Gaeta, Zarek, or Romo Lampkin, or the dead Billy and Crashdown, or heck, Bulldog or Phelan… never mind.

My Conclusions

Based on the above theories, their particular wackiness, and much subjective speculation, there are seven likely suspects. They progress in my own personal order of least to most satisfying – the last individual is my favorite choice.

Possibility 1: Starbuck

Using my ridiculous Cylon Sex Disease theory, Kara Thrace is the last Cylon. However this seems less likely given how season four has played out so far, and I think it would be the least dramatically surprising possibility. And why would the Cylons have been so insistent on toying with her and harvesting her ovaries – if she were a Cylon?

Possibility 2: Gaius Baltar

Baltar as a Cylon would explain so much, the least of which is the constant appearance of Head Six. He has thwarted death and justice so many times, it’s nearly a BSG cliche. He has also etched away at the fleet’s power structure time and time again as the ultimte Cylon tool due to his self-serving nature.

However, dramatically it’s just as obvious as Starbuck, and I think many Gaius-haters would be pissed. There is a strong case to be made that this man needs to die.

Possibility 3: Anastasia Dualla

Both as Galactica’s CIC and Lee’s wife, she plays a strong support role on the Galactica, much as the other four have. As a woman she would balance out the Final Five. She also doesn’t appear in the EW photograph. The biggest negative is a lack of dramatic punch. But… remember how she was left alone when toasters boarded Galactica?

Possibility 4: Felix Gaeta

Gaeta has had silent influence over many pivotal moments: helping Baltar in his lab, staving off Cylon attacks when Tigh was in command, and aiding the resistance on New Caprica. He’s a loner with no family or romantic entanglements. The biggest negative is he’s about as dull as Dualla – few would be surprised or care if he’s outed as a skin job.

Possibility 5: Tom Zarek

Zarek been around since the first season as a subversive criminal and so-called terrorist, who methodically wheedled his way into power by appealing to the people while employing near-criminal methods. At the start of Season 4, he’s in a position of possible ascendant power as Roslin’s vice president. The actor is also Richard Hatch, who was on the original Battlestar Galactica as Apollo. It would be a neat homage to have him revealed as Cylon and play a pivotal role in this re-imagining.

If Zarek is the last Cylon, I’d expect Roslin to die halfway through season 4, making him the first Cylon president of the Colonies.

Possibility 6: Lee Adama

As such a prominent character and Admiral Adama’s son, this reveal would be a powerful one. It would also explain Lee’s subversively anti-establishment streak, as he’s sided with Zarek, Roslin, and even Baltar at various points in the series. We’d also get some intense drama with Admiral Adama dealing with the realization that his son is a Cylon.

Then there’s the moment where Leoben whispers to Roslin that “Adama is a Cylon.” (Flesh And Bone) Although Roslin though he meant Commander Adama, Leoben may have been referring to Lee.

Logistically, could Apollo have been “swapped out” with a Cylon model when he nearly died in space?

This article lays out a fairly convincing case for Lee being the last Cylon.

Possibility 7 (My Pick): Laura Roslin

But in conclusion, I’d be most satisfied if Roslin is the last Cylon.

  1. As a woman, she fulfills the “gender balance” issue.
  2. Since she has been such a prominent character, on par with Commander Adama, it would be a powerful reveal. It would set up an amusing dichotomy – Commander Adama has always been balanced by Roslin.
  3. It might explain why Hera’s blood cured her – or did it turn her into a Cylon?
  4. It would explain her prophetic visions and shared dream with Sharon (Crossroads Part 2) as well as her discomfort just as the other four are summoned.
  5. She was imprisoned and tortured on New Caprica so she may be the hooded member of the Final Five seen by Number Three and received her sympathy.
  6. She was a participant in the resistance on New Caprica along with the other four.

Anyhow, these are mostly random thoughts at this point of the series, only four episodes into Season Four. There’s a very good chance I’ll be proven wrong.


  1. raza64 says:

    My theory is that the 12 colonies are created beings much like the Cylons, their creators were from earth, true humans. The scientists who ran the project are the Lords of Cobal.
    Their creations evolved and then rebelled. Fled out into space and created the 12 colonies. Earth was a distant memory that was suppressed in an attempt to forget their origins. They then created a new race of Cylons who evolved and history repeats. The end will be when they discover their beginnings and that the Cylons are indeed their brothers created in their own image with a similar beginning and evolution.

  2. Timmargh says:

    How about Lee's “dead” brother … ? No evidence to back it up other than Leoben's comment to Roslin and, erm, that's it.

  3. webomatica says:

    Heh, yeah if they want to use dead characters as the final cylon, that's certainly an option!

  4. doktored says:

    It can only be Rosilyn really, she is cold enough with people she knows as Cylons. It can be only her or the Admiral himself… Anyone else isn't interesting, Has to be all the way to the top.

  5. webomatica says:

    Yes, I totally agree. I think dramatically, a leader to be outed as a Cylon
    would be game changing and paint all the episodes previous in a new light
    (kind of like Darth Vader being Luke's father). I don't know if the
    producers have the guts to go there or they thought that far ahead, but it
    would be really satisfying to me to have Roslin (or even Admiral Adama)
    outed as the last Cylon.

  6. steeldunnage says:

    Too much analyzing in your posts guys & gals. Here's my theory and I would pee in my pants if it happened:

    It is a possibility that we have not SEEN the last Cylon, can you say guest star, maybe as another prisoner from the prison ship, maybe played by Dirk Benidict ???? That would the perfect ending to the series, not too mention it would create a buzz to keep the show on the air.

    I know, I know, I should be writing the scripts for the show, enjoy.

  7. Battlefan says:

    When Kara came back she came back with a new ship. New Kara and new ship, both downloads???

  8. aufr says:

    Ellen Tigh, I'm thinking.

  9. APM says:

    I think Kendra Shaw from Razor is the final Cylon. Why would time be spent creating a character only to have her killed off at the end? Apparently, there was some thought given to having the final scene of the Razor movie show Kendra waking up aboard a resurrection ship.

  10. webomatica says:

    Hmmm – I should watch Razor again to catch that final scene. I also think
    there is some significance to the Adama flashback where he puts his hand in
    the tank, and meets those prisoners that he was unable to free.

  11. Wayne says:

    I am in agreement. If you examine Ellen Tigh a lot makes sense and seems logical. She is not in the fleet. She is not drawn to the music because she can't be there, which wonders why wouldn't the 5th be if it could be there? She was early candidate to be a cylon only to be dismissed by Baltar who never gives a real answer as to her being positive or negative. Baltar would have know about Tigh being a cylon from his detector and likely the chief unless it didn't work 100% or Baltar really doesn't care. Bradley Thompson said from season 1 it was known who the last cylon is which assume it's someone from season 1. Gives a good cover story of Col. Tigh and her to be implanted into the colonies. At the very end of the newest teaser for the second half of the season you hear Col Tigh voice saying your the 5th (very appropriate). The Last supper picture she would be in Judas spot by Baltar and Lee. Perhaps her picture would be flirting with Lee and he would be ignoring her and the Col. look right at them.

  12. genle says:

    i'm sure that cylon well be Starbuck's son!!!

  13. Avi says:

    Everyone will think it is Adama near the end, all facts will lead you and even him to think this but don’t be fooled. The facts lay!

    ( If you take the Original Da Vinci photo and bend it you will have D'Anna on the left point to Adama on the right but really it is the empty chair between Lee and Tigh – looking at the spot of the last cylon with the Cup in front. Laura lights a fire and Adama just sits)(New photo shows Same but no Laura on the end- She dies before final act)
    Survivors will be – Baltar and Six, Hara and Tyrol’s son Nicholas.

    Billy Keikeya is the last of the Final Five cylons!

  14. Avi says:

    Starbuck is dead – here ship exploded, her Ovaries were taken on caprica and cloned and this person is the returned Angel whose is said on her wing they will fly to the promised land.

    ( If you take the Original Da Vinci photo and bend it you will have D'Anna on the left point to Adama on the right but really it is the empty chair between Lee and Tigh – looking at the spot of the last cylon with the Cup in front. Laura lights a fire and Adama just sits)(New photo shows Same but no Laura on the end- She dies before final act)

    Billy Keikeya is the final of five cylons.

  15. Chris says:

    I hate that “the entire human race” is the last cylon thing.
    It would be an almost direct ripoff of an anime show called Neon Genesis Evangelion where in the last part it's revealed that the final being they are meant to face is the human race.
    It's been done and I hope they would not be so cheap, because original writing is this show's trademark.

  16. Borke says:

    The Hybrid in Razor did tell her something about Kara??? And than the radio is jammed and the nuke explodes

  17. Borke says:

    Witch colony does'nt have a skinjob yet?

  18. Impoy says:

    Major Kendra Shaw is the last Cylon. Remember that the last Cylon is not in the fleet. Why would they have a 2 hour tv-movie episode,”Razor”. Why would they have the main character, Major Kendra Shaw (Stephanie Chaves-Jacobsen), just end in that episode. The “old dying man” hybrid clearly signified her important role in the finale. De'Anna clearly stated that she “only needed the final four cylons,” and the fifth and once again, the final cylon is not in the fleet.

    Major Kendra Shaw ressurrection has taken place and kept secret. She will be the secret weapon, “Razor.”