Elite Tech News Podcast #5

April 23, 2008

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I didn’t participate in this week’s Elite Tech News Podcast, but here it is. This week, the line up was Mark “Rizzn” Hopkins, Louis Gray from LouisGray.com, Tony Hung from DeepJiveInterests, Steven Hodson of WinExtra , Art Lindsey from artlindsey.com and Frederic of the Last Podcast. Adam Ostrow from Mashable and co-owner of ReadBurner also joined in a special guest. This was Tony’s first appearance.

Some of the topics discussed: Digg no longer a source for tech news, Twitter keeps growing, website analytics, ReadBurner, and do bloggers deserve advertising (featuring a very entertaining smackdown by Steven).

Download the MP3 file directly here.
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  1. StevenHodson says:

    ROFLMAO .. entertaining … cool … thanks Jason you made my day :)