Battlestar Galactica: Resurrection Ship (1)

April 19, 2008

Season 2, Episode 11

Battlestar Galactica: Resurrection Ship (1)


As the Pegasus and Galactica vipers head toward each other, Starbuck takes surveillance pictures of a “mystery ship” in the Cylon fleet, using the stealth ship built by Chief. She returns to find vipers in disarray. Starbuck uploads the recon photographs to Pegasus, which distract Cain into calling off the attack. Adama and Cain agree to meet on the Colonial one.

Cain is insistent that Chief and Helo be executed. Roslin convinces her to delay the execution until after they attack the Cylons. Cain wants that more, so she relents.

Cain promotes Starbuck to Pegasus CAG. Starbuck asks to have Lee reinstated on her team.

Roslin tells Adama that they need to kill Admiral Cain. Roslin considers her dangerous and tells Adama that protection of the civilian fleet should be his priority, not following military orders.

Cain visits the Gina (the six model on Pegasus) and kicks her. After she leaves, Gina tries to choke Baltar. She relents, saying she wants to die.

On Galactica, Chief has been replaced by a civilian from Pegasus. Fisk (Pegasus XO) tells Tigh that the Pegasus stripped a civilian craft of parts, saying the military had priority. They took aboard the people deemed valuable and stranded the rest. There was resistance and the Pegasus military shot the families of those who refused to come. Roslin soon learns this, too.

Baltar tells Cain that the mystery ship may be a “resurrection ship,” where Cylon souls are downloaded and put into new models, needed because the Cylons are so far from the home-world.

Starbuck and Lee show the plan to Adama and Cain. Distracted by decoys, Galactica and Pegasus will attack the basestars, while Lee destroys the resurrection ship with the stealth craft. After the presentation, Adama asks to talk to Starbuck Alone.

Adama asks Starbuck to land aboard Pegasus following the attack and assassinate Cain.

Cain tells Fisk to go aboard Galactica and shadow Adama, and after the attack, assassinate Adama.


During a time of war what is justified? In this episode, both commanders decide the other is a threat to the human race. The last scene where both Battlestar commanders set plans in operation to kill one another is one of my favorite scenes of the entire series.

The Battlestar Galactica movie Razor brings to life several of the events described by Fisk in both this episode and the one previous.

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  1. roelof rossouw says:

    I have season two of Battlestar Galactica and it ends with Pegasus part one … to be continued, but is does not continue with the first episode of season three. Where can I view ''resurrection ship 1 and 2?