Battlestar Galactica: Pegasus

April 18, 2008

Season 2, Episode 10

Battlestar Galactica: Pegasus


The Galactica encounters the Battlestar Pegasus, led by Admiral Cain. It’s a larger and more modern Battlestar than Galactica, plus Admiral Cain outranks Commander Adama. It has been on its own since the attack on Caprica.

Cain visits Galactica and meets Adama and Roslin. Adama makes it clear to Roslin that Cain will take command of the military fleet. Cain informs them that she has a captured Cylon (Gina Inviere, a Six model) aboard Pegasus.

Jack, the Pegasus XO, shares a drink with Tigh. He tells Tigh that Cain shot the previous XO for disobeying orders, but then brushes it off as a joke. Tigh is confused but now wary of Cain.

Baltar visits the Pegasus to interrogate Gina, the Cylon prisoner (and a Number 6 model). It’s clear she has been tortured at the hands of the Pegasus crew. Baltar offers her some food, and tells Cain that perhaps a carrot would be better than a stick in getting her to talk.

Cain tells Adama that they have been tracking several basestars and an unknown ship for quite some time. She wants to attack now that there are two Battlestars. She also integrates the crews, transferring Lee and Starbuck to the Pegasus.

The Pegasus CAG prepares a recon mission, but Starbuck doesn’t like the plan. The Pegasus CAG removes her from the mission and tells Lee to fly a raptor. As they head off to their ships, Lee tells Starbuck to get the “blackbird” (Chief’s stealth ship) and run her own recon mission.

Meanwhile, a Pegasus officer visits Athena in the brig, for the sole purpose of violating her. Helo and Chief burst in to stop him. The Pegasus officer hits his head against a bolt and is killed.

Both Helo and chief are arrested and flown to the Pegasus, found guilty, and set to be executed, all without Adama’s approval. Adama decides things have gone too far and orders a strike team to attack Pegasus. After a tense conversation with Cain, the Pegasus launches fighters to intercept Galactica’s.


Alright – now we’re talking.

The brutality of the Pegasus approach to rule during a time of war lies in stark contrast to the Galactica. As a military battleship alone in space with no citizenry as a balance, Pegasus has become a near-dictatorship where strict rules and brutality were justified. They have lost their humanity.

The discovery that things aren’t quite right on Pegasus comes about in an economic way, through the drunken war stories of the XO. There’s also something disarming at first with Cain being a woman, but soon we learn she is a force to contend with. The harsh treatment of the Cylon prisoner Gina, beyond anything the Galactica inflicted on Boomer or Sharon, is yet another sign. When Adama realizes his mistake of following orders, it’s nearly too late.

The “Extended Episode” adds an opening scene where Starbuck tries to sell a Caprica rescue mission to Adama and Roslin tosave the human survivors she found there – in particular, Anders. Later, Cain offers Starbuck some hope that she would approve such a mission, while Adama and Roslin would not.

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  1. This along with the next two (R. Ship #1/#2) I think are some of the most critical episodes in the whole series. Not to mention that “Razor” was anchored and spawned by the impact the Pegasus episodes had on the show and the fanbase.

  2. webomatica says:

    Yes I agree. As I watched season 2 for a second time, the Pegasus series of shows are among the best – if not the best – of all three seasons. Razor was pretty cool too; I'd like to watch that again.

  3. doc says:

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