Battlestar Galactica: Flight Of The Phoenix

April 17, 2008

Season 2, Episode 9

Battlestar Galactica: Flight Of The Phoenix


Helo is labelled a “Cylon lover” and and Chief calls his unborn child a “freak.” They come to blows on the flight deck. To burn off some steam, Chief decides to build a customized space ship out of spare parts. Eventually, the entire flight crew helps with this side project.

Starbuck, Lee, and Racetrack are at the firing range when the oxygen begins to drop. Starbuck fires a gun at a window to let oxygen back in. A Cylon “logic bomb” has infiltrated the computers, causing them to malfunction, including the life support systems. Baltar says it will be extremely difficult to eradicate. Athena tells Helo that the virus intends to leave the fleet defenseless during a raider attack.

Meanwhile, Dr. Cottle informs Roslin that she only has weeks to live, and Lee shows Dualla some hand to hand combat moves, with some heavy flirting.

Tigh asks Chief why he’s building a ship. He says the work is all he has left. Sympathetic, Tigh offers up some some engines.

Roslin tells him that Athena isn’t the same model that shot him, and since humans created Cylons, perhaps they can find some common ground. Adama asks Athena for help eradicating the computer virus.

Sharon is brought onto the bridge in chains as a Cylon force approaches. She asks for a fiber optic cable, cuts her palm, and inserts it into her body. Skeptical, Tigh tells Adama to shoot Athena. Just then the systems come back online and the Cylon fleet deactivates. The vipers destroy the defenseless raiders.

Chief lines his completed spaceship with a carbon composite shell, making it invisible to radar. Starbuck flies on a test run. Roslin personally congratulates Chief for building the ship.


Athena demonstrates her loyalty to the human side and her unborn child by sacrificing many Cylons – but nobody really buys it. Even Adama is skeptical, thinking that perhaps Sharon just wanted to live, as she would have been killed by the Cylons if their attack had succeeded.

I feel this was one of the weaker episodes for season two. I think Chief building a custom space ship was truly corny – even if it comes to good use in the episodes to come.

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