Link Sharing: 3/27/08

March 27, 2008

Nubrella: The Hands Free Umbrella.
I just wonder if the protection from the rain is worth looking like a complete weirdo in public.

It’s FriendFeed Week: FriendFeed releases an API. Engtech writes super-useful FriendFeed greasemonkey scripts. Steven Hodson loves it. What? You’re not on FriendFeed? Your Web 2.0 site doesn’t have a freaking API? Get with the program!

Tony Hung at Deep Jive Interests is looking for guest bloggers.

24% of Users Can’t Find Google: Just shoot me now.

Restaurants Substitute Cheaper Ingredients: Reduce eating out proportionately. You can make gourmet meals at home with stuff from the 99 cent store.

Obama Wants Will Smith to Play Him in a Film. I’d watch this, but only if Meryl Streep could have a go at Hilary.

Alan Greenspan Loses His Mind: Well, seems many people were insane these last few years.

Bacon Bowls: Must be seen to be believed.

What’s Wrong With The Blogosphere Part 1: First target: Techmeme. I look forward to subsequent parts.

Secret Museum on the Moon’s Surface: Includes a Warhol and Rauschenberg.

Running Adsense? You Need to Display a Privacy Policy: It’s in the contract.

I have no idea.

I really have no idea.


  1. engtech says:

    Actually.. I don’t use the API at all in any of those scripts.

    I’ve yet to successfully be able to write anything interesting using public APIs only. They’re always so limited.