Apple Updates MacBook, MacBook Pro

February 26, 2008

Apple is certainly falling into an impressive pattern of churning out an update every Tuesday since the start of 2008. Now we have a seemingly minor but welcome update to both the MacBook and MacBook Pro.

Personally, the cheapest MacBook is good enough. RAM is really cheap these days and all the bumped-up specs nearly seem like overkill for the average user, who browses the web, does email, and occasionally some word processing. But for anybody who does much more, the larger drive spaces and the improved video card in the MacBook Pro will be welcome.

One wonders what could possibly be coming in the weeks ahead.


  1. houserocker says:

    Good hardware update, but damn they don’t give them another look!!!

  2. webomatica says:

    Yeah one thing about all of Apple’s products right now – it’s hard to imagine how they can be improved other than faster, thinner, and lighter. If the MacBook Air takes off, I would imagine that form factor will eventually find its way into the MacBooks and MacBook Pros.

    The Mac Pro however has had that same “cheese grater” box look for years now. I think that “look” needs to be upgraded.