Weekly $0.99 iTunes Movie Rentals

February 21, 2008

First the $49 iPod Shuffle (almost bought one yesterday), now this. The cheapskate in me is loving a recent announcement from Apple that they’ll be having a weekly, 99 cent movie rental for a specific movie. Last week it was Breakfast At Tiffany’s (great movie, excepting the now-politically incorrect Mickey Rooney role), and this week it’s The Hours. The special rentals will be announced every Thursday, which is timed well for the weekend.

My strategy to take advantage of this deal is pretty clear: at that price and timing, it’s four bucks a month for four movies – essentially the price of one movie rental. I’ll then take advantage of the 30 day time out to relieve some of the pressure to watch a movie right away.

In conjunction with the Apple TV this is a great deal, and demonstrates that Apple has some price flexibility to get their movie rental service off the ground.

ParisLemon also has an amusing idea – perhaps said weekly rental would be a good one for bloggers to post on, as there’s a good chance others will be also watching said movie, or considering renting it.


  1. Stefanie says:

    That’s pretty cool. I’ve been enjoying the same kind of thing with Amazon’s Unbox. If you have a TIVO, you can download directly from Amazon onto your Tivo unit and watch sometime within the month. They usually have several .99 movies each week, often pretty new stuff.