The L33t Reddit: Tech News

February 1, 2008

About a week ago, Reddit announced “custom Reddits” where users can create their own Reddits based around a particular niche subject. Fellow “B-List” blogger MG Siegler decided to create one based around interesting technology news, and hence: The “L33t” Reddit.

The current “L33t” Reddit contributors are MG Siegler (ParisLemon), Louis Gray, Mashable’s Mark ‘Rizzin’ Hopkins, Frederic of The Last Podcast, Steven Hodson (WinExtra), and myself. The group is any “B-List” blogger who has appeared on Techmeme in the past year or so. All in all, a group of people hopelessly addicted to their feed readers constantly on the prowl for technology news. More contributors may be added as time goes on. If you’re interested, contact MG.

After a few days of participating, I’ve had fun rediscovering Reddit and have already read some amusing articles:

Mashable interviewed MG in podcast form so give it a listen if you want more info. And by all means, check out the L33t Reddit or subscribe to its feed.


  1. Dave says:

    Does this promise to be a Ron Paul free version of reddit?

    (nothing against the guy, it just seems like he fills 25% of the headlines on any given day)

  2. webomatica says:

    well, so far it has lived up to that promise :)