MacWorld Apple Rumor Round Up: 1/9/08

January 9, 2008

Apple Rumors

The Unofficial Apple Weblog mentions an iTunes-friendly Family Guy DVD that is supposed to be released on January 15th. It reportedly contains a video file of the DVD content that can be imported into iTunes and presumably loaded on an iPod.

New version of iTUnes 7.6 being prepped with support for video rentals. Apple Insider claims rentals will be between 2 – 5 buckaroonies with a 24 hour time out.

Engadget provides a list of studios supposedly on board with the iTunes video rental service: Warner Bros, Fox, Disney, Paramount, and Lionsgate.
I’m doubting OLED stuff will appear on a Mac product next week, but these Sony LED televisions are so thin I drool as I type this. predicts the Beatles on iTunes. This has been in the works for quite some time.

Tecnodigital is convinced an Apple Tablet Mac is coming next week, and offers up eight reasons.

The Guardian interviewed several ex-Apple employees and “expert observers” what they see being announced next week. The general agreement is a sub notebook, video rentals, and few guesses at a new iPad type Mac.

More rumors to come as the big day draws nearer still.