MacWorld 2008: Subnotebook Rumor Revived

January 2, 2008

MacRumors claims the Apple subnotebook is real and will be announced at MacWorld 2008, now a week and a half away. Check out a possible spy pic at CrunchGear (watch for the cease and desist). A lot of the specs make sense, but one additional tidbit that keeps appearing is the lack of an optical drive.

An amusing thought: What do I use the optical drive on my MacBook for, most often? It’s watching DVDs and installing software.

Watching DVDs may fall by the wayside if watching movies via the iTunes Store gains traction. So could the omission of an optical drive be a slight nudge by Apple to get people to watch more video via the iTunes Store?

This will make even more sense if Apple announces video rentals in at the same Keynote.

As for MacWorld, I’ll be there, checking out the stuff as I did last year. Got to wave the Mac fanboy flag.


  1. MG Siegler says:

    Quite right I think with the point about the digital movie push – it would be in Apple’s best interest to get people off of their DVD fix and on to digital. As for installing software, how often do you have to do that while on the go? If you’re on the road you could just bring your portable optical drive with you or download the software as many programs now allow you to do.

    I say no way that picture is for real, what on earth would you need a mouse button the size of a ruler for? :)

  2. webomatica says:

    Agreed, the software install on my MacBook using the DVD drive has been limited to OS X, and Adobe Creative Suite. Most software is available by download these days.

    And yeah I’m getting skeptical about the picture too now that you point out the mouse button. Doesn’t look like there’s much space for the palms to rest when typing.

    I’m thinking the multitouch track pad won’t look any different than the current form factor.