Apple To Announce Movie Rentals

December 29, 2007

This Variety article is a really great way to ring in the New Year, claiming that Apple is set to announce video rentals in the iTunes Store soon. The most obvious place for Apple to announce this would be MacWorld, which is right around the corner.

My personal hope is such a service would include a refresh to the Apple TV, making that product much more appealing as in the past few months it certainly hasn’t. Some possible ideas would be beefing up the hardware specs so it includes more aspects of the Mac Mini, or merging the two products.

But the announcement of movie rentals through Apple would be huge. I (as well as many others) view most of my video content through rentals – I don’t want to own the movies.

And lest I get too excited about this Apple product – Netflix has some ideas of their own, making their “Watch now” feature unlimited, meaning no restriction of “x” number of hours per month.

Could Netflix be announcing such a service tweak because of an imminent announcement from Apple? This will get interesting soon.

Additional Reading: BusinessWeek, SFGate, Michael Roberto, Gizmodo


  1. MG Siegler says:

    It’s great that Disney and Fox are on board, but I’m not liking the new rumors of varying prices between $2 – $5 for only a 24-hour period. I hope the older $2.99 for 30 days turns out to be true instead – think about taking rentals on a trip on the iPod or iPhone… 24-hour would be kind of lame.

  2. webomatica says:

    Definitely, $2 to $5 is a bit on the high end for me as well – especially considering the unlimited Netflix plan. I guess we’ll know the answer soon, now.

  3. Danny says:

    I watched news story about it on a local TV channel yesterday