Some Favorite Blog Posts Of 2007… On Other Blogs

December 18, 2007


As a year-end, holiday link sharing type thing, I thought I’d highlight some posts on other blogs that I really enjoyed over the past year, from various blogs I’ve read all throughout 2007.

Honestly there are many more cool blog articles I read over this past year, and these are just the ones that were easy for me to track down.


  1. This is a great idea this “best of 2007″ post. I just might follow your lead ;)

    By the way, thanks for the link love. I don’t think my photos are all that great or my cooking so good, so it’s really nice to see that some people think it looks just fine and tasty. It does taste good, I swear. (Especially that veggie sausage pot pie we made for Thanksgiving. Yum!) If you want to see more tasty vegan food from someone who actually knows how to use a camera properly, check out Vegan Yum Yum (

    And I just want to mention that some people find it easier to change their diet when it’s based on a ‘higher principle’ like religion or philosophy. I wrote a bit about that here:

    Are you going to do more “fatblogging” in 2008? I’m looking forward to joining the masses in ritualistic New Year’s exercise and diet reforms. My goal is to drop some weight, but mostly to get back to the gym and get those muscles working again. One of the downsides of blogging all the time is the toll it takes on your body ;)

  2. Louis Gray says:

    I hereby recommend that the first listed be regarded as “favorite” or “best”.

  3. thanks for the hat tip Jason and glad I am able to bring a smile once in awhile :)

  4. MG Siegler says:

    Glad someone reads my articles other than just my tech ones! I was particuarly fond of that article as well – though I should note, I recently rented Die Hard 4 (I refuse to call it that other name) and did actually like it (though I did watch the ‘unrated’ cut).

  5. webomatica says:

    Elaine – I’ll definitely check out veganyumyum. I think my wimpy philosophy might have to be nocturnal carnivore (someone who eats meat at dinner) …. but I did quit cafeinne this year so I can follow some rules.

    MG the haiku site is excellent – I’ve actually decided to pass on a few flicks based on the short but sweet info.

    And the list above is in no particular order :)

  6. A good idea, just that the top is so personal, what you like may be related to some of your personal experience and thus being your fav

  7. engtech says:

    Kitty does know he’s on the Internets.

    Kitty is pretty full of himself.

    Kitty has also been a stress ball for the past week because we’ve had painters coming into the house every day and he has severe people phobia.

    Kitty is most likely sitting in a lump in the middle of the bed under the covers right now, wonder when this cruel torture will ever end.

  8. engtech says:

    review in haiku is a pretty awesome concept

    I usually see the same flicks within 1-2 weeks of MG (don’t know why, some kind of weird internet mind meld) and have the same opinions.