MacWorld 2008 Rumors: Ultra Portable, 10.5.2, iPhone 3G

December 7, 2007

Macworld is fast approaching, so here’s a rumor round up plus a bit of speculation as to what’s going to transpire in January.

HardMac predicts 10.5.2, a new Mac Pro, and Blu-Ray burners.

Computerworld reiterates the persistent rumor of an “ultra-light” Mac notebook. Price point is $1500, LED-backlit 13.3 inch screen, 50% lighter than current notebooks, and a thinner form factor due to flash memory for storage. There will be no hard drive or optical drive.

Apple Insider speculates a 3G iPhone by the middle of 2008. The beans were spilt on this one by AT&T themselves a few days ago.

Apple Gazette has eight predictions: iTunes update, AppleTV update, the strongest holiday season ever, updated Mac Books, No iTablet, iPhone and iTouch software updates, iPhone SDK, Mac Nano.

Cringley has some ideas as well.


Most Likely:


Insanely Great (if these happen I’ll slap my forehead and drool):

Anyhow, I’ve already got a day pass for MacWorld 2008. I don’t know of my exact plans but similar to last year I hope to check out whatever’s announced in the flesh.


  1. JC says:

    I’ll be attending the Keynote live in person for the first time this January, so I am of course hoping for something truly spectacular to be announced. But I’m trying not to get my hopes up too much.

    I think there’s a good chance of some sort of video rental/ new deals with Fox and other movie studios type announcement, which will hopefully be accompanied by a new Apple TV announcement of some kind. I don’t see PVR as a possibility, though. It just doesn’t make financial sense for Apple.

    The subnotebook seems like it may really come to pass this time. But I just can’t get excited about a slightly lighter and thinner, far less powerful and more expensive Macbook. Maybe if I spent most of my time with Word and Excel, this would be appealing, but I live in Photoshop, Cubase, Logic territory. I think the subnotebook will appeal to longtime desktop owners, but once they get a feel for portable computing, they’ll beg for more power so they can drop their desktops altogether.

    New Mac Pros: very likely. Again, not somthing I tend to buy myself, but if there’s finally a new case design, that would be cool.

    10.5.2: This rumor is very interesting. There has to be more to it than meets the eye. The only time Steve ever talked about a point release of an OS that I can recall was when they switched to Intel.

    We’ll see in a few weeks I suppose.

  2. webomatica says:

    Wouldn’t it be crazy if some secret features of Leopard were held off until 10.5.2? One can dream…

  3. hope that these rumors will come to reality, i really would like to have this mac! nice post!

  4. Fender Doc says:

    I would love to see an Apple TV with a Blu-ray player. This is the only way Apple TV would every sell to the masses (or at least the reason I would buy one).

    We will see!

  5. wow..they really want to become portable with all the light things. I wish apple stuff are a bit cheaper though..

  6. Mike says:

    If they create a notebook that also converts into a tablet
    that would be absolutely amazing. This guy is good and I
    love that prediction. I am not excited for Mac World baby.

  7. I cant wait for to get my hands on one of those 3G Iphones, I know they are already out, but right now I just do not have the money for it, hehe.

  8. Phil Taylor says:

    I can see it coming now… I-home Theater complete with 7.1 surround itty-bitty speakers mounted on a halo around your head while you watch the latest blockbuster on the itty-bitty full-color screen. Local cineplex watch out!! ;)

  9. Joe M says:

    How about this? Steve Jobs will put in an appearance on stage.
    The announcement Apple put out just said SJ wouldn't be doing the keynote.
    It didn't say he wouldn't be there–did it?

  10. sankara says:

    i like iphone 3G but i don't alot of $