Think Digg Has Jumped The Shark? Try Mixx

December 4, 2007


Thanks to Tamar over at Techipedia I gave Mixx a spin – and I like.

I’ve slowly fallen off of Digg in the past few months – part of me feels that site has jumped the shark. There’s a pattern emerging with many social Web 2.0 sites – a site is cool early on, it gains some traction, a sense of community forms – but then it gets too popular for its own good, as ads, spammers, and the lowest common denominator pile in. Soon you’re battling endless waves of groups with their own agendas, endless waves of Ron Paul articles, or the site sells the users out to advertisers.

This is why I was pleased to see this one line on the Mixx FAQ page that to me, says that they’re thinking about some of these issues:

Our policy is pretty explicit: We’re not going to welcome people who are trying to subvert the system, spam other users, submit illegal content, or just make it an unpleasant experience for other Mixxers.

While browsing Mixx, checking out the stories, and leaving comments – I felt a feeling of serenity and peace wash over me. It’s like Digg in the “good old days” of a year and half ago. Plus, less users means you can have a larger impact.Mixx may be to Digg what Google was to Yahoo!. Check it out – I think you’ll like it, too (my handle is Webomatica). See you ’round.

Update: Here’s some additional Mixx info from Venture Beat.


  1. One of the first African-American reporters to interview Ron Paul in an exclusive rare YouTube video in Concord, New Hampshire.

  2. Dave says:

    I will give it a spin.

    I mostly use reddit now for the social news thing, though reddit can be kinda annoying too (how many freaking Ron Paul articles do they really need on the frontpage at any given time?).

    Re: Digg, I’ve also stopped using it. I dunno what it is about it that rubs me the wrong way, but I just really don’t like the site very much anymore. I haven’t used it regularly probably since the end of last year.

    I will check out mixx though. Thanks for the rec.

  3. webomatica says:

    Ah yeah – I still check out reddit too. The site is definitely cleaner and you can browse the top stories faster. I’ve also been kinda amused by the logo rotations they do :)

  4. Urbanist says:

    I’m amazed at how many folks are using Mixx already … I have to say I enjoy it somewhat for its ‘smallness’ but on the other hand a lot of the features don’t seem to innovate over what other social networks offer. Time will tell, and it certainly is getting popular, I’m just not sure about it yet :)

  5. apurvajk says:

    This is no different than what happened to Slashdot when the politically left-oriented users started modding any opposing viewpoints into oblivion. Once /. became a boring little echo chamber, users abandoned it. The same thing is happening to Digg. RIP Digg.

  6. ScottUA says:

    Thanks for the recommendation on Mixx. Have to check it out…