Apologies For Recent Blog Slackitude

November 13, 2007

Some have noticed my posting rate has dropped recently. Sadly, this has been a relative trend because I was once attempting to churn out three posts a day. In the past two weeks, I’ve struggled to steady at one a day – and this week I’m finally into the danger zone of not even being able to maintain that.

The simple explanation is much outside the blogosphere has taken up my time – the Day Job, two freelance projects, the holidays fast approaching, and writing for the Blog Herald. I haven’t had as much time to just chill out and watch movies, listen to music, or watch enough new fall TV shows to find a replacement for Gilmore Girls.

One thing I’ve learned over the past year is writing can be hard work – and therefore, copious amounts of free time is good for blogging. I wish I had more time to brainstorm blog posts, surf the web aimlessly, find amusing stuff to write about, or stress free time to write. I find it takes about an hour to compose what I would consider a solid post, and lately and those three hours a day every evening for three posts are basically no longer available.

(Perhaps this blog was better – when I was a slacker).

But since I’m definitely not considering quitting the day job to blog full time – the blog takes second seat to that which pays the bills.

I’m also considering that if I don’t have anything original to add to the technology conversation – I may as well stay out. I don’t break any new news or do any reporting. And just by the law of averages, there isn’t a comment-worthy tech event every single day that is worth devoting an entire post to.

But the biggest irony of all this is – traffic once again, up over last month. The blog has nailed 2000+ visitors a day. My PageRank didn’t drop, and I still scratch my head over the ad revenue. Perhaps the adage “less is more” has some truth to it?


  1. Mike says:

    Nah, no worries. It’s odd, but I’m actually reading your articles more thoroughly now. I’ve noticed other bloggers slowing down, too…guess it’s the season for this sort of thing.

    I actually stopped, myself. Took down my site until I can find something else to put there (been considering a lifestream – hmm).

  2. I’ve always looked forward to your posts Jason regardless of the quantity as the quality is what lives on past a meme’s expiry date :)

    Myself I have always tried to have at least 3 posts a day – only because as a cranky old fart I have the time – but even that is hard to maintain sometimes given the repetitiveness of the daily news. This is one reason why I branched out to start including software reviews and lucky enough that one of the WinExtra forums members was willing to help out.

    You just kept to a posting schedule that you are comfortable with and we’ll keep on reading :)

  3. tunequest says:

    I feel ya and can relate. I’ve got a lot of extra-internet stuff going on right now and despite the desire to keep it up, I’ve definitely been lacking the time and fortitude to write much recently. I’ve got multiple half-finished story ideas that I just can’t seem to bring myself to wrap up. Here’s hoping it picks up soon.

    Also, I enjoy your common sense approach to tech happenings. It’s very down-to-earth and that’s hard to come by in a very RDF-influenced field.

  4. webomatica says:

    Thanks – it’s good to know there are still some regular readers out there among the spammers. Mike – the twitter thing seems to work pretty well.

  5. Urbanist says:

    I’m a big fan of the emerging theory that frequency doesn’t matter … I for one don’t stop reading a blog that posts less frequently, and WebUrbanist only has a few posts a week but quite a following despite that. I used to stress out about it until I read this gem of an article arguing against the need to post at a fixed rate of at least one a day: http://www.mpdailyfix.com/2006/06/w_why_blog_post_frequency_does.html

    Anyway, it helped me relax :)