Link Sharing: 10/20/07

October 20, 2007

Web 3.0?

Steve Rubel: Five Reasons Why A Pay Per Click Recession Looms

Credit Card Companies Raising Rates – Because They Can

Tim O’Reilly: Facebook, the Quant Fund Meltdown, and the Techmeme Leaderboard: It could be that when the “widsom of the crowds” starts giving us obvious information (echo chamber) then its usefulness is questionable, and the participants become “stupider”.

Vending machine disguise in Japan: Uh… Crazy.

Money Money Money: Is Wall Street Killing America?

The Latte Era Grinds Down: Getting back to basics – it’s about freaking time.

Engtech: How I Use Google Reader

The Attention Economy: Is It Too Much?

How To Monitor Your Mac Laptop’s Battery Health: I have to get a new battery.

iPhone Fingers: Wear these, and you immediately negate the cool factor of owning an iPhone.

TV Links Shut Down


  1. Dave says:

    Thanks for the Coconut Battery app link. My MacBook Pro seems to be getting less and less time from its battery. And now I know why, I’ve lost 25% of my battery capacity from when I originally got this machine (dammit!).

  2. davebarry says:

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