OS X Leopard Release Date: October 26

October 16, 2007

Apple is finally letting the cat out of the bag – Leopard will be released on October 26, ten days from now. The ten days thing reminds me of Radiohead’s recent album release, but we don’t get to pick the price for Leopard. Still, it’s at the expected cost: $129.

I’ve picked up previous copies of OS X at an actual Apple Store which put on a bit of a party atmosphere, with store discounts and a souvenirs – Panther had metal dog tags.

Needless to say I plan on picking up a copy as soon as it comes out and installing it on my MacBook to see how it fares, and if it proves stable, then the Mac Mini. One slight worry is the compatibility of Adobe CS3 which I can’t be unable to work in right now.

The features I’m most looking forward to are Spaces, Quick Look, Time Machine, and the new Finder.

AppleInsider has a good summary of the Leopard features, and you can also go to the source itself at Apple proper. The Apple geek that I am, I’ll spend some time today scouring their site for new information.