Apple: Insanely Great Stock

October 8, 2007

Sheez. Apple shares have just hit a new high: 166 a share, up 5 bucks today alone for absolutely no reason I can discern (is Dave Winer responsible?). I can’t even remember exactly when I bought some shares, but it was back when it was a bad idea.

It could be Leopard just around the corner or holiday sales of new Apple gear (even the rumored refresh to the Apple TV or Mac Mini) or plain bubblicious hype … but I’ll say there’s a mainstream awareness of Apple that hasn’t existed since the 80s. I have retired relatives asking if they should buy an iPod or an iPhone.

Then we have Google nearing $600 and there was even some ridiculous talk of it reaching $2000 a share. I’m wondering if there’s some deliberate attempts to pump up this bubble and cash out while the getting is still good. I still can’t quite forget the billions of dollars worth of mortgage resets coming… very soon now.

But my request is still the same as a few months ago: please split the Apple stock.


  1. Louis Gray says:

    And on that note… I had to add…

    Dudes, it’s AAPL, not APPL!

    I can’t believe how often I see people continue to screw that up. Now… remind me why I sold all my AAPL months and months ago?

  2. webomatica says:

    Yeah… I still sometimes type APPL in Yahoo! Finance from time to time.

  3. Ross says:

    Ahh stocks. The subject I know nothing at all about, and have next to zero interest in learning. After being assured that my @Home options would be worth millions (fortunately I never got myself too excited, knowing full well that it was just too good to be true), I lost pretty much all interest in the stock market.

    When the recruiter I spoke with re: my last job tried to tell me how amazing it was that I was being issued company stock (options) I actually cut her off and said “listen I just got laid off from @Home, I watched the stock go from $200 to $0.04 to de-listed, please don’t try to convince me that stock options are all that awesome”. As it happens, those options actually ended out being worth some money, which I cashed in the day I gave my 2 weeks notice.

  4. If google stock reach $2000, it’ll a crazy stock. But i think it cann’t reach, may be $1500 is posiable.

  5. webomatica says:

    One of my bubble predictions for 2007 was Google at $1,000 a share. If so, the pizza is on me.

    The options game is worth a post in itself. After two startups where I got some benefit from #1 (after watching the stock price go from $100 to $3) and the second grant becoming worthless when the company went under, I’ve definitely found comfort in socking money away over the long term via boring old retirement vehicles, if only as a means of reducing gross income come tax time.

    As for stock picks, for ever AAPL I pick a not so great one like Whole Foods. I think my only advantage has been time – several decades left to make mistakes and recover.

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  7. Jeffri says:

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