Technorati Redesigns… Again

September 11, 2007

Hmm, not sure about this Technorati front page redesign, since they did one only a few months ago. At that time it seemed they were going for a more mainstream approach, hiding their blog content sources and promoting videos and their WTF service. Now it seems they’ve scrapped the mainstream push and returned to their blog search roots. The mainstream stuff has moved to the “popular” tab and a vestige of WTF remains in the flame logo on that page. But the home page now has several tabs that feature a “river” of news – links to blog posts that are constantly shifting.

I’ve always liked Technorati as it was one of the first services I hooked up with when I started blogging. But here’s the bottom line: my server logs show that Technorati sends a seriously pitiful amount of traffic my way – it’s decreased substantially in the past few months. I’m just not sure if people are using Technorati for blog searches anymore. Personally, I use Google Blog Search almost exclusively.

And what happened to WTF?

I’m really close to removing my Technorati tags and seeing if it has any effect on traffic.


  1. I renamed mine to Conversation tags rather than Technorati Tags; but then I believe in the tags concept just not their current implementation.

  2. Tish Grier says:

    you may still get indexed if you remove the technorati tags–one suggestion though: if you don’t already have one, start an index of topics. That will act something like a tag system and Technorati will find those, too (trust me, I’ve had some friends experiment with this and it worked.)

  3. Tish Grier says:

    oh, if you need some clarification on how that works, email me. it’s a little long to put in comments.

  4. webomatica says:

    Good suggestions. Maybe I’ll start with Steven’s while I do research on the “index of topics” from Tish. Some of my desire to remove (or just downplay) the tags is to “declutter” the blog.

  5. claudio says:

    i still use technorati for my blog searches, but the traffic it sends to my blog just dropped in the last few months.

  6. Ross says:

    I’ve been thinking about this post for over a week now. So I decided I’d check out my own situation – and it’s amusing.

    From: May 1 – Sept 19 2007 referrals:
    120 visitors
    1.66 average pages/visit
    00:01:41 average time on site

    out of: 842,940 total visits
    average pages/visit 1.55
    average time on site 1:24

    So the 120 people who came from technorati did spend slightly more time on my site, and had a slightly higher page view/per visit average. But that’s 120 out of 842k visitors. I don’t have technorati tags on every one of my posts, but I’d bet that I sent more traffic to technorati than they sent me.

  7. webomatica says:

    Hi Ross – yeah I just did a check on my Technorati referrals for the past few months – the traffic coming in is negligible. I’ll still contemplating pulling the tags just to see what the effect is, in the interest of “de-cluttering” the blog.

  8. engtech says:

    Technorati is a complete waste of time. Enjoy the traffic they send you, but do nothing to promote them — you’ll get the same result.

    It’ll be 80 visitors vs 120 visitors if you don’t promote them.

    Being on the top 100 favorited list does absolutely nothing for traffic. Matt Mullenwag said that being in the top 10 popular was less than 200 hits per day.