Some New iMac Speculation

August 4, 2007

There’s an Apple event this upcoming Tuesday, which most likely means a new, redesigned iMac.

It’s getting to the point where it’s hard for me to imagine exactly how Apple could improve their computers, as they’re so solidly designed. All I can really think of is faster and thinner.

Still, because of the iPhone there’s some speculation that the iMac might be physically redesigned to add on the “multi touch” capabilities. The most literal idea is to add a touch screen.

While this looks cool, as someone who earns a living through the computer the ergonomics are unappealing – the novelty of touching a slick, smooth monitor would surely wear off after your armĀ  was raised for hours on end – and then there’s the fingerprints.

I think the better approach is what Apple seems to be working on right now – adding multitouch to a track pad or a mouse. A recent patent shows a literal dictionary of multitouch patterns and gestures. I wonder if a new iMac would have a trackpad in the keyboard or a mutitouch mouse? Or what if said track pad was a little monitor itself, displaying a small portion of the larger screen?

Anyhow, in addition to a new iMac and some mutitouch answers, I hope Tuesday brings some word about the rumored death of the MacMini. Oh, and of course, a widescreen touch enabled Video iPod would be nice, too.


  1. Sal says:

    What if the desktop monitor hung like an easle on it’s base and was also a touch tablet/laptop for on the go? One can dream.

  2. webomatica says:

    Sal – if you mean a detachable monitor… that would be really sweet. But I think that product is still a year in the future. If a detachable touchscreen iMac monitor comes out this Tuesday I would be extremely impressed / surprised and have to get a drool cup.