iPhone: Update From The Palo Alto Apple Store #1

June 29, 2007

iPhone: Palo Alto Apple Store Line

Photo by JC: iPhone: Palo Alto Appple Store Line

Just got the first notes and a photograph from JC, who is waiting in line at the Palo Alto Apple Store:

Got here at 7. The line was about half way down the block. 100-150 people or so. I hope I’m not screwed.

Scoble arranged for some free bagels for us all. Someone also sent some Krispy Cremes down the line.

I love Apple people.

A UPS truck arrived a short while ago. Could it be reinforcements? More likely just a delivery of service parts. Apple usually uses FedEx for deliveries.

Man, that sounds like a party – especially the Scobleizer bagels! Might have to stop by either the Apple Store in San Francisco or the one in Burlingame (closer to where I live) to feel the love.

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More to come!