iPhone Insanity: Day Zero

June 29, 2007

Here’s the last slew of links (which should be a relief to all of you weary of the iPhone hype). But today is going to be iPhone Day, iDay, whatever you want to call it because at 6 PM the iPhone goes on sale! Months of speculation and waiting will be over. Then I’ll get back to blogging about important stuff like LOLcats and James Bond.

As mentioned earlier, a friendly “correspondent” JC has promised to send some updates as he attempts to get his iPhone at the Palo Alto store, meaning pictures and some text summaries. He’s due to get down there around 11 AM and I hope he’s successful.

Therefore, instead of the usual two posts today there will be as many posts as necessary to get the full iPhone experience out of my system.

So here are the links for today:


  1. Paul McNamara says:

    Never got the LOLcats thing …. So why does everyone have to wait until the oddball hour of 6 p.m. today to get their precious phone? Steve Jobs says democracy demands that it be so.

  2. webomatica says:

    I think I read somewhere that Steve made some excuse about people getting to buy an iPhone right after work. But I actually think it has to do with Apple’s deadline of the end of July and they had to leave everything to the absolute last moment to make sure everything would work :)