iPhone Demo Video, iPhoney, iPhone To Be Sold Online

June 22, 2007

iPhone Video

Today, Apple presented a more extensive iPhone demonstration video on their website. It’s the most slickly produced and calculated sales pitch I’ve seen in quite some time. All its features are clearly explained and demonstrated, reiterating the point from MacWorld that the iPhone is an uber-cool cell phone, the best iPod ever, and the Internet in your pocket, all made so easy to use that a chimpanzee could set up a conference call. No, the iPhone doesn’t come with a chimpanzee but with the scads of fun features, it might as well.

Since that video only whets the appetite, this program called iPhoney simulates the iPhone’s web browsing on a Mac. It’s essentially a Safari skin but might stave off the jitters between now and June 29.

Webomatica on iPhone

Lastly, it looks like the iPhone will be sold online at the Apple Store, natch. I don’t know how else to interpret the words now at the Apple Store: “coming to the online Apple Store and retail Apple Stores on June 29, 2007″. Buying an iPhone online sounds like an awesome alternative to waiting in line at a retail location.

That’s all the iPhone updates for today. I think we all can expect many more as the iPhone insanity builds and then explodes all over everything a week from now.


  1. DaFerret says:

    Yus, the 20 min. demo got my interested piqued to a whole new level. Self-control isn’t exactly my strong point so… It’ll be a challenge not to hit an AT&T store next week Friday.

  2. Webomatica says:

    Really looking forward to this as well!