Fish In A Barrel: Bullard Vs. The Blogosphere

May 7, 2007

It’s too easy for newspaper columnist David Bullard to say – in far too many words – bloggers suck. It’s also too easy for me to get annoyed and write a post in response, but I’ll bite.

My first point regarding his column is many bloggers have no aspirations to be “journalists” – myself included. He ought to check out the various threads regarding Why Do I Blog meme. I’m sure he’d find (as I have) that most people aren’t blogging to put The Sunday Times out of business. I don’t even read The Sunday Times.

I blog as a hobby to fill in the gaps. What’s it to him? Falling back on my old analogy, does the GAP worry about some grandma knitting socks stealing all their customers? Please. Knit a better sock. You have all the talent, money, and resources behind you.

If blogging is such a wasteland of ignorance and stupidity, I’d like to see Mr. Bullard start up a blog in his free time. Go toe to toe with the spam, rude comments, ridiculous trackbacks, and hordes of rude diggers. Hold yourself to a higher standard than all the “nerd(s) pumping meaningless drivel into cyberspace” and show us “wackos” how it’s done. With all his talent, certainly he’d have a guaranteed readership right out of the gate. I look forward to subscribing to your blog’s feed, because I sure don’t read newspapers.

Taking on the amateurs could be a brilliant move for a professional. It worked for Will Ferrel. It works for Robert X. Cringely. It works for all these blogging journalists. Why not look at the blogosphere filled with air guitarists as a market waiting to be dominated rather than something that’s beneath you.

Or is this a case where Bob Dylan doesn’t go on American Idol because he knows, deep down inside, he’d be voted off in the first round – because the mainstream audience values a different kind of – “talent”?

Yeah, that may be a shame, but no amount of fist-waving and insult hurling will change the basic fact: majority rules and the arrows are clearly pointing away from print media’s general direction.

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  1. George says:

    Thanks for the link. You made some really good points. I didn’t realize he was ticked of with bloggers. I will have to check out his article.

    Thanks again,

  2. George says:

    I just read his article, and I have a question for him…

    Is he trying to linkbait every blogger in the Universe or is he really that ignorant of the blogosphere?

    My initial thought was the first… but who knows.

  3. webomatica says:

    Hi George. Well, if he is “linkbaiting” the blogosphere, I think that would be a good way to premiere a new blog. He wrote a really good blogosphere style rant :)

  4. Good article. However I think it’s more than just “majority rules.” I think some people are just plain sick and tired of the big media spin machine.

  5. webomatica says:

    Hi Elaine, good point. What I see as commercialism and bias in the mainstream media is a whole ‘nother subject altogether.