All About The LOLcat

May 5, 2007

I’m sure you’ve heard of it – I can’t stop looking. No, I’m not talking about Twitter, I mean the strange creation called “LOLcats“: photographs of cats with cute phrases written in text message or leet speak on them.

Here’s one I just made using our two cats, Lilikoi and Java:

Webomatica LOLcats

Here are of my favorite examples:

Here are the best sites I’ve found that collect LOLcat pictures:

Now you may want to create your own:

Once you get the general idea, it’s time to branch off:



So to sum up, I find LOLcats really hilarious. I think it’s partly because we’re obsessed with our cats, and even talk to them in cute voices.

Here are some more cat-related links (because it’s Caturday):

I don’t think I’m gonna win. So why don’t you have a go? You can download a bunch of cat photographs via the engtech blog.

Meanwhile, I’m creating a new page for the above LOLcat resources, to which I’ll add to over time.


  1. cheezburger says:

    this ar a lot of good infos… webomatic, welcumz to ar vibratin’ links page!!! :)

    chz = ^ _ O =

  2. webomatica says:

    That’d be awesome! I can’t get enough of the LOLcats over there…

  3. LOLgay says:

    since you asked ….

    Saturgay is too easy!


  4. Zach Beane says:

    I got sick of making these in photoshop so I put together a generator:


  5. webomatica says:

    Zach, that’s nice! I’ll have to add your site to this list … I’m finding more, now that I’m looking harder.

    LOLgay, we wouldn’t want to be too easy…

  6. headcat says:

    hai, check out, social networking site for lolcatterz!

    image generator, forums, ratings, etc etc.

  7. Anon says:

    End This faggotry now.. give 4chan its credit Caturday is a holiday dating back to at least 2005. It has been tainted and sold to the masses as lolcats. Do some research before posting

  8. lolcats says:

    iz it caturday yet?