Link Sharing: 5/3/07

May 3, 2007

Social Networks For Weightloss: Hmmm, while this is a good idea, it’s a little “” to have several competing weightloss Web 2.0 sites.

30 Minutes of 80s Cartoon Intros: Sums up an entire childhood, wasting every afternoon away in front of a television.

Ikizukuri is Fresh: Didn’t You Hear? has a video of the freshest sashimi preparation method. I missed this on our trip.

Reporting Blog Content Thieves: I hate spam blogs (splogs), and this post from The Blog Herald suggests some ways to get medeival on them.

Newspaper Circulation Falls 2.1 Percent over six months: No big surprise.

Crowded House Has A New Album July 2: One of my favorite bands from my formative years.

Web 2.0: Return of the Dot-Com: FeedBurner and 37signals are based in Chicago? I did not know that. Features interviews with Web 2.0 founders. Is Coming Back: One of my “bubble” signs for 2007 was Web 1.0 companies coming back for another go round.

Note: Webomatica now has a Google Pagerank of 5.

Total Webomatica Spam Comments Obliterated: about 8,000
Technorati Rank: 16,293 :: 234 blogs linking in :: “B” list blogger
Blog Worth Evaluator: $132,102.36
Number of Times I Thought About Giving Up On Blogging This Week: 0
Rude Comments Aimed In My General Direction: 1
My Weight (Fatblogging): 169.5
Bottle caps at Bottle Cap-O-Rama: 1,439


  1. Dave says:

    Wow, Crowded House looks so…old. Now I’m depressed. And a wtf on the reunion, didn’t one of the dudes die? (I saw that he’s been replaced).

    As for dieting/weightloss social networks, my initial reaction was that this is ridiculous, but then I realized of all the various niches for social interaction/support this is probably one of the most legitimate spaces for a social network, so maybe it will work. I can see how it could be a really useful thing.

  2. webomatica says:

    Hey Dave, yeah, the original drummer Paul Hester committed suicide a while back.

    I haven’t really kept up on it but I guess this new album was a Neil Finn solo album that caused a reunion between Neil Finn and the bassist Nick Seymour. The guitar dude Mark Hart was on the album Forever Alone. I guess Tim Finn isn’t involved.

    Even though I’m kind of ambivalent if you can really call it a reuinion with only two members of a trio, I’ll give any Neil Finn stuff a whirl.

    Yeah it does make me feel old, because I remember way back when, your dad heard them play at the Hard Rock cafe when they were just starting out. I also remember that English teacher (I forget his name) loaning me his Split Enz albums.

    Ah, and in regards to the fatblogging sites, I think the idea is good, I just think the bubbly signs are when you have several sites doing the same thing.

  3. Thanks for the heads up on Crowded House. They’re one of my favorite bands. Do you like Neil Flynn by himself?