Link Sharing: 4/12/07

April 12, 2007

The world is ending and it’s partly due to blogs: Read this truly depressing and bleak prognosis for the future, and note one of the potential causes: “‘declining news quality’ with the rise of ‘internet-enabled, citizen-journalists’ and pressure to release stories ‘at the expense of facts’.” That’s right, blogs are part of the problem? WTF?

Michael Jackson wants to build a 50′ tall robot with frickin’ lasers: Ah, is there a cyborg monkey, too?

Valleywag notes A View To Kill: James Bond movie?

British Bands are recording covers of Sgt. Pepper: Uh, remember Gus Vant Sant and Psycho?

$1 million worth of whale puke: Ambergris is a valuable ingredient in perfume. An Australian couple found a pile on a beach.

Cliche Website: I like the comics one.

On a Mac, use ffmpegx to convert Real Video to anything you like. Obscure tip but it works.

How to Play DIVX on your Apple TV: Long list of steps. A bit scary. But very geeky-cool.

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