Bloggers Code Of Conduct? Try Herding Cats

April 1, 2007

While a Blogger’s Code Of Conduct is a great idea on paper, I won’t participate in it. I have nothing but sympathy for the Kathy Sierra situation, but an ethical standard imposed on bloggers (even on an “opt in” basis) simply won’t fly. Here’s why:

Lastly, I just want to make a note of the confusion that’s still going on here. I’m still unclear as to whether the people labelled as being behind Kathy Sierra’s harassment were really the ones responsible.

Anyhow, I can always make a few things clearer on this blog. Here are my random rules about blogging:

In terms of comments:

All in all, I think instead of a Blogging Code of Conduct would be better as a personally written list, added to a blogger’s about page. I’m doing my part by acting locally, right here in this post, and I’ll make slight adjustments to my comments policy. Here’s a good example from The Guardian.

Additional Reading: Los Angeles Times, Monsters and Critics, Salon, SFGate