For Yet Another Perspective On Blogging Class Warfare…

March 25, 2007

The subject of A-list, Z-list bloggers may be getting a bit long in the tooth, but it does strike a nerve with many. I’ve had a fairly compelling comment exchange with Elaine Vigneault on this Blogging Class Warfare post I wrote. She wrote her own post that’s worth checking out to get a slightly different take on the issue, that made me think a bit more about who has certain privileges in technology and blogging.

Some of her points:

Her observations did make me take a step back and realize a few things about my own blogging experience. I have a master’s degree and my profession is web design – I do HTML hand coding and Flash stuff every day. I was introduced to WordPress by a friend because I wanted to learn more pHp and MySQL. I already had a domain name, and the technical aspects of blogging has proved to be nearly effortless. Tweaking a theme, uploading it to the server, getting it all running, wasn’t anything I struggled with, and was just that – tweaking.

Because I found the technical aspects relatively easy, I obviously had more time to start jumping into the writing aspect and study what I didn’t know (SEO, blog etiquette, feeds) right off the bat.

Worrying about a computer, affording hosting, high-speed access, or time to blog has been a non-issue. And that’s worth noting.

While I may not agree with Elaine’s 2000K bloggers project to where I’d participate in it, I do agree that the blogging A-List exists (it’s the whale), and there’s a lot of advantages many of the A, B, C list has that aren’t really being acknowledged.

Even just sitting here, in a hotel room in Tokyo, able to afford high-speed Internet and blog rather frivolously while on paid vacation is a statement in itself.

The least I can do is link to people who write stuff that makes me think, which is the purpose of this post, and a big part of blogging.

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  1. Hey thanks for linking to my post. Well, thanks for reading in the first place and thinking about it. That makes me feel good. Really, all warm and fuzzing inside. Thanks :)

  2. Thanks for the link! You make a good point that just because we have the technology and leisure time to blog, we are all already on top. But every social structure gets stratified further and further…and it’s unfortunate that we have to resort to tricks like SEO and link whoring to rise higher…

  3. engtech says:

    So true about technical know how. I’ve done a fair share of free support on the forums and there’s so much stuff I take for granted as common knowledge that isn’t. People freaking out because someone sent them a trackback and how do they stop that. Not understanding that if a post isn’t password protected it can get indexed by search engines (without getting into robots.txt). Not understanding that your IP address is tracked by every web page you read.

    And those are the fairly complex ones that I take for granted after using the net for 14 some years.

  4. webomatica says:

    Maybe I should do some more how tos in the future – more basic stuff.

  5. James says:

    The final list from is now available. Would be a great idea to download and publish as your next entry…