Blogging Is Bizarre: Calacanis, Hung, Birdwatching

March 25, 2007

Blogging is bizarre.

Earlier this week, Webomatica cracked 20,000 in Technorati with 195 blogs linking in. I really have no goals beyond this, other than – please send me more free swag.

Second, Jason Calacanis, with one comment at Deep Jive Interests (and two posts on his blog) set forth a chain reaction of events that was mesmerizing to watch. First, Tony Hung’s response thread is up to nearly 90 comments.

I read both Jason Calacanis’s blog and Tony Hung’s Deep Jive Interests regularly because they have interesting, well-thought out points of view that run contrary to most tech bloggers. Even if they disagreed in this case, the posts and comments generated were entertaining reading.

Anyhow, I posted my two cents about the subject with this post. It was quoted by Jordan McCollum (over at Andy Beal’s Marketing Pilrgim), who was then quoted by a bird watching website 10,000 Birds (!), which then filtered down to A DC Birding Blog.

I never knew bird watching blogs existed; now I know, and I’m adding them to my feed reader for some needed variety in my blog-reading diet. So in a strange way, I have Jason Calacanis and Tony Hung to thank for broadening my mind – in more ways than one.

The original post also brought some attention to WinExtra, which I’ll read more regularly from here on out.

This is why blogging never ceases to surprise me. You get someone up in the stratosphere in-between poker and basketball blogging off the cuff, and like a butterfly flapping its wings, repercussions filter all down through the blogosphere. Maybe it’s more like a dead whale that sinks to the bottom of the sea and a whole ecology of fish, plankton, and coral create life from it.

And yes, I think the A-list exists – it’s the whale.

But this situation reminds me that the coolest thing about blogging is the new blogs I’ve discovered and connections I’ve made. Sometimes you write a post, and hit “publish,” fully expecting nobody to read it. But through the medium of feeds, comments, and links from other blogs, you realize there are definitely people reading, and you affect their lives in some small way.

Which leads to my second observation about blogging being bizarre, which will have to wait until I return from Japan. That situation still has to play out over the next week and a half.


  1. Jason,

    I’m glad you find WinExtra interesting enough to keep coming back to :) and I hope I keep on keeping your interest …

  2. Mike says:

    Jason, the connections and serendipitous discovery definitely make this mass experiment in micropublishing worthwhile. Every once in a while, the machine works like it’s supposed to… someone writes great content and it reverberates through unexpected parts of the web. That’s what happened with your excellent observations on blogging.

  3. Eric Berlin says:

    Yes, it’s always amazing and surprising to see where Internet and blogging conversations end up. Calacanis and Tony Hung in particular are fascinating characters to watch, and it’s fun to partake in the hubbub.

  4. Hey Jason, it’s always strange to see where you end up in a linking tree. (Then I try to explain how I got there to someone like my husband; this takes far longer than it’s really worth. Of course, I can do that without using the Internet. Like the one time I was thinking about my dead great grandfather, which somehow led to billiards (he didn’t play), which somehow led to green beans. Truth is stranger than fiction.)

    Anyway, I was actually commenting to just let you know that I wrote the Marketing Pilgrim post, not Andy (not to take away credit from him, just trying not to put words in his mouth!)


  5. webomatica says:

    Whoops Jordan, sorry, I just fixed that specific text.

    Thanks folks, sometimes I feel blogging is three steps forward, one step back, but the progress is always ahead, and I notice things shifting and the emphasis changing the longer I stick with it.

    Right now, I’m noticing I’m spending more time reading other people’s blogs and fielding comments on my own! And enjoying it totally. I wish I had more time to comment on other people’s blogs, like all of yours. :)

  6. BTW .. WTH is this about free swag when you break 20,000 on Technorati????

    I want free swag man .. all I can get :) [snicker]