Link Sharing: 3/8/07

March 8, 2007

How To Clean Your Keyboard at Lifehacker: I should have done this over the weekend.

Selling Your Blog at The Blog Herald: Technosailor was up for sale, but money never changed hands. Check out the reasons why.

Milli Vanilli Movie: Girl, you know it’s true. The Grammy winning lip-syncing duo are having a movie made about them. Discussion went around at work for a bit about who’d star in this flick until it was realized – anybody could be the stars in this film because all they have to do is lip sync.

Great Wall Of China Website: See if your website is blocked from access in China (hat tip Paris Lemon).

Photo of Steve Jobs Using An iPhone at a Soccer Game: Unfortunately you can’t really see anything cool in this shot, but it’s still amusing to see the iJobs in iPublic. Makes you wonder if he has an iCloset filled with nothing but jeans and black turtlenecks. Yeah it’s old but I still think it’s funny.

Eating Too Fast – Dangerously Cheesy: It’s about eating Cheetos too fast and the results.

Speaking of Cheetahs, did I ever link to The Cheetahmen: The absolute worst game of all time? Here are some links. I want the Cheetahmen comic book.

Some Webomatica blog related stats (that only I care about):

Total Webomatica Spam Comments Obliterated: 2,582
Technorati Rank: 22,080 :: 164 blogs linking in :: “B” list blogger
Blog Worth Evaluator: $92,584.56
umber of Times I Thought About Giving Up On Blogging This Week: 0
Rude Comments Aimed In My General Direction: 1
My Weight (Fatblogging): 170


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