Apple: Optical Drive On The Bottom?

January 26, 2007

This patent illustration of at Apple Gazette looks… not so great. The optical drive (used for CDs and DVDs) has been moved the bottom of the portable computer, with some sort of door that opens up. The implication is that to load up a disc, you’d have to flip your laptop over. I think the reason for this is to allow more ports on both sides of the laptop and thereby reduce the size of the device, but the end result is something less convenient and user-friendly.

I don’t know much about hardware design, but what about sticking the CD drive on the back of the monitor? At least with the hinge, you could lower the monitor slightly to get the CD in there. Of course, there would then have to be a cable connecting the CD drive to the bottom of the computer, ripe for fraying…

Or what about a slot loading CD drive where the slot was in the front of the laptop? Maybe I just need more coffee so I can quit thinking about this.

At the end of the day, the good news is that Apple may very well be working on a “MacBook Mini” – a small form factor laptop, which would be cool. It also means yet another case (and therefore revenue stream) for laptop bag manufacturers everywhere.

Disclosure: My wife Tanja works for Waterfield Designs, a laptop bag manufacturer, everywhere.