SmugMug As A Web 1.0 Bug Fix

January 22, 2007

TechCrunch has a refreshing post on SmugMug, a photography website I have a loose connection to: I used to work for which was a Chris MacAskill startup.

Anyhow, in a previous post mentioning SmugMug, I noted that one of the things “buggy” about Web 1.0 is too many companies took huge funding and blew money on expanding their payrolls quickly, in the name of first-mover-advantage, advertising, and office furniture. We all know how that ended.

So this time around, it’s awesome to read that SmugMug has been profitable with under twenty employees. I found this quote from TechCrunch nothing but positive:

“(Don) MacAskill says he’s approached “constantly” by venture capitalists and potential acquirors. But his plan is to keep running the profitable company without outside interference. He wants to keep providing the best product for professional photographers, he says, and has no plans to sell out. That, of course, will just make those VCs and suitors want SmugMug even more.”

I’d say in this regard, SmugMug (even though I haven’t even tried the service) is truly Web 2.0 in that it fixes the aforementioned mistake of Web 1.0, and by doing so, lends evidence to the idea that there won’t be a bursting investment bubble.

Any Web 2.0 company that eschews the glory of easy money and fame for profitability and putting the user first with a service folks will actually pay for, gets a thumbs up from me.

Note: And on a related note, here’s more evidence of this Web 2.0 frugality from SF Gate. Yay.