Second Life Parting Thoughts (And Shots)

January 21, 2007

I decided about a week ago I’m through with Second Life. At least until the promise lives up to the hype, which I figure will take several years. My final intention is to get in there and blow what few Linden Dollars I have ($200), or give it to some cute red haired furry avatar who could make far better use of it than I.

I have to admit, I do occasionally have some sympathetic thoughts regarding the virtual online world, but then something like this (Get A First Life) reminds me that I’m not alone in feeling like the whole “game” is rather pointless. For example: should I invest time and energy learning how to use the design tools in Second Life to create objects, or should I just be boning up on Flash and adding to my design portfolio so I can move ahead in my first life? Didn’t think so.

Even if I consider Second Life just as entertainment, it doesn’t live up to gaming standards (as observes [he's more sympathetic than I]). I just started playing the game Okami for the PlayStation 2 and it’s amazing how frankly – pathetic the graphics in Second Life are. I know that over time, the graphics in Second Life will only get better and better, but I frankly don’t feel any obligation to sit around and wait.

Maybe what would be really neat is some virtual bank account where I could stash my Linden dollars and earn interest over the four or five years for the virtual world to catch up with reality.

Anyhow, I’ll do one last post on my final hurrah and post some pictures I’ve taken on my travels.


  1. Jeff says:

    I thought Darren really liked Second Life. I remember last year he was writing about trying to do a play in Second Life – I could not see the point, but that was the plan for awhile. His parody is hilarious!

    Tried Second Life last month for quite some time. It was boring and pointless. My account remains active, but I’ve stayed out of that ‘Verse for quite ahilw with no wish to go back.

  2. Webomatica says:

    Thanks for stopping by. I think it’s funny because there is a grain of truth behind it. Even if you like something (which may be true in his case) you can still poke fun.

  3. engtech says:

    I’ve been planning to start a web comic for about a month now, but I’m not a good artist.

    I was thinking that Second Life might be a good tool, but after trying it I came to the same conclusion that it was a much wiser investment of my time to pick a medium where the designs had more value. It wasn’t like I’d be able to pick up all the various objects I’d need for each strip for free in SL… they all have to be designed or bought.

  4. webomatica says:

    A web comic? Cool… even if the art isn’t so great you probably have the writing down, so that would make up for it. I used to do some personal comic illustration in my better days – but looking back on it, I dunno if my art was any good, either.

    Anyhow, I just blew all my money in SL. All in the name of washing my hands relatively clean of that strange world….

  5. jez says:

    Second life is so full of crap if you are asking me. I cannot understand why so many people find it so joyful to play. I downloaded it last month and tested it for two hours. I even added my PayPal information to get some Linden Labs dollars to get me started. In conclusion I can say that Second Life is full of crap. Maybe you’d like to know more about my testing experience, feel free to stop by my site and comment. Cheerio!

  6. bleeb says:

    agreed, it’s just a virtual carbon copy of a real world where a lot of people go to make up for what they lack or can never do in their real life, instead of actually trying to achieve that IRL, they waste time on Second Life. and worst of all are the weird, super touchy, up-tight people that act and treat the game like it’s their actual real life, and instantly expect you to know everything, it’s really pathetic in this situation as the game is basically just to do all the boring and annoying things real life does (and maybe a few fantasy things) and not much more, all this together makes it pretty dumb and boring, especially when you tack on a snooty community