Apple Starts A Nuclear War

January 9, 2007

I need to take a step back and get my head around what Apple announced at the Macworld keynote today. It was basically the last item on my prediction list regarding the iPod Video and iPhone being the same device, with a touch screen – something I didn’t expect and was skeptical it would happen. Take a look here – it’s amazing.

I need to watch the streaming keynote and figure out this thing. All I can offer up is it’s a game changer, and the UI advancement alone raises the bar for everything else. That it runs a version of OS X essentially makes it a whole new platform to develop for. eBooks, widgets, music, movies, cellphones, PDAs, basically entire product lines have been decimated. You can forget about the Zune.


  1. David says:

    Yeah I was too busy to keep an eye on what happened this morning what with work and applying to kindergartens for my kid (parent interview if you can believe).

    So I came to webomatica for my macworld coverage ;-p

    The phone looks amazing. I mean, I might even be able to use it. No buttons. Gotta love that. So jobsian. When others are trying to clutter the ui, apple is always doing its best to reduce it to the bare necessities.

    This settop tv thing sounds interesting too. Is that still just being preannounced or is it shipping?

  2. Zigire says:

    It looks great doesn’t it? – great price too.

    Will be interesting to see how easy it is to control via touch screen..

    I’ll definitely be buying one when I can.

  3. webomatica says:

    Heh, I can’t say I’ve provided much coverage, as my news gathering consistsed of madly refreshing websites in between two meetings. I’m now wondering if I can squeeze in watching the keynote before the end of the day, but who knows.

    I am going to Macworld tomorrow afternoon with some co-workers – definitely taking some photographs and hopefully get a first hand impression of the iPhone. So far, looks awesome. I’m glad I didn’t get a cell phone last year.