Macworld 2007 Predictions

January 5, 2007

Here goes. Each number is my stab at a “most likely” prediction, followed by “Great” meaning an additional feature I’d be super stoked and surprised to hear announced, and an “Insanely Great”  addition for an announcement so awesome I’d have to leave the room so my brain can explode.

1. iTV. I expect we’ll learn much more information about this home entertainment media product, designed to hook up to a television and stereo for wireless streaming of movies and music to your living room. Hopefully it will be available in January or February, because I want one.

Great: Add YouTube videos.

Insanely Great: Add “Tivo” style PVR functionality.

2. iLife. Expect updates to the venerable application suite, plus the inclusion of spreadsheet program “Numbers” into iWork.

Great: iLife (and iWork) syncs with Google applications.

Insanely Great: iTunes supports DVD ripping and compression (this will never happen, but I can dream, can’t I?).

3. Mac mini. Will get a Core 2 Duo upgrade.

Great: A price drop.

Insanely Great: Add “Tivo” style PVR functionality (if the iTV doesn’t have it).

4. Monitors. Expect built-in, iSight style cameras.

Great: A price drop.

Insanely Great: A touch-sensitive, detachable monitor that communicates with a desktop or laptop via wireless.

5. iPod: Bigger capacity, price drop, several digs at the Zune.

Great: The One True Video iPod to Rule Them All. Full screen. Touch sensitive.

Insanely Great: Add wireless. And the Beatles in iTunes with a Beatles branded iPod.

6. One More Thing: I’ll put my bets on an ultra-portable: “MacBook mini”.

Great: iPhone.

Insanely Great: The MacBook mini, iPhone, and iPod Video are all the same device. With “Tivo” style PVR functionality. And a built-in reality distortion field.

Note: I’m planning to be at Macworld on Wednesday, so any new developments I hope to check out, with pictures – and obviously I’ll post a few here. 

More Info: Web Worker Daily, Graceful Flavor.