Google’s Year End Zeitgeist

December 28, 2006

Always good to look at as a watermark for what the heck is on people’s minds throughout the year, is the Google Zeitgeist. Listed are the top ten search terms for all of 2006, for and Google News. Clicking on the tabs brings up additional interesting, but trivial information.

Some thoughts on the top searches:

Bebo, MySpace, Metacafe, Mininova, Wiki. Why don’t people just type the URL in the browser… never mind. Still, I was surprised to see Bebo on top. I need to check that site out.

Note to self: What the heck is “rebelde” and “radioblog”? I guess I should type both into Google and educate myself.

And as for top Google News searches:

Number one is Paris Hilton. Why does that not surprise me?

Other things of note: People wondered openly about Borat, and how to “refinance” (most likely homes).

Noticeably absent are Battlestar Galactica and Gilmore Girls. Oh well, I always prided myself on being somewhat of an independent thinker.

Note: These searches aren’t the necessarily the most popular – just the most interesting of the bunch.