Sites Being Banned By Digg

December 22, 2006

Here’s a list of sites that are being banned by Digg. I guess this happens when links to a particular site is submitted too many times, or a critical number of Digg users complain about the site in question being “spam” or something.

I wouldn’t care a whit if all the sites on the list were stupid, but John Chow and Squidoo are both on there. I check out John Chow’s site from time to time and although I was confused by Squidoo’s interface, I don’t think it’s a spam site by any means.

I’m against spam and stupid articles any day, but there’s something decidedly not very open about an open-but-closed-to-some site. That’s not really in the spirit of being able to submit a link to anything on the internet.

I thought the whole idea of a site like digg is that if an article is lame, it just doesn’t get dugg up. But people need to have a chance to decide. If a site is simply banned, that choice never happens and the system isn’t working as it should.

Note: Here are some links to additional reading on the subject: Techipdeia Deep Jive Interests, and an older one showing this isn’t a totally new issue.


  1. I hear you, Jason. There’s too strong of an agenda there where some quality stuff gets buried for no particular reason. I think we need to find a replacement.

    I’m sure you read my other blog post on techipedia about it. (10e20 is the *other* blog.) ;)

    The sad thing is that I know Digg will probably not respond to this attention as they always do.

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  3. Webomatica says:

    Ah yeah… I didn’t at first realize you are affiliated with 10e20… funny coincidence…! Yeah, I’m starting to think digg might be getting too big for its britches…