Tragic Signs of iPod Addiction

December 15, 2006

I admit it. I’m addicted to my iPod. Here are my symptoms, each shockingly worse than the other.

1. I own more than one iPod. The Shuffle was just the gateway drug. Then I got the itching for Nano (it’s so small, and it looks like a candy bar!). Next, an iPod Video (what better way to enjoy Desperate Houswives than on a screen smaller than a credit card?). Next, my wife also needed an iPod so she could manage her own playlists. Now she has two. And Steve Jobs keeps pushing them out like baby rabbits. Does it ever end?

2. I suffer from the dreaded iPod headphone tangle. This morning, I encountered not just one set of earphones, but two, tangled together in my jacket pocket. I don’t remember how they both got in there, likely plotting against me. I struggled for nearly a minute to untangle them – nothing is sadder than seeing an iPod addict waiting for the bus, dealing with the evil iPod headphone tangle, desperate to get his morning fix of tunes.

3. When I get a CD, I immediately rip it into iTunes and push it to my iPod, then listen. I don’t usually listening to music on the computer anymore. It’s as if the iPod is the only proper source for music consumption, tiny, sonically inferior buds and all.

4. I sync my iPod every day. It must be done, if only to lessen the ever-lengthening queue of podcasts that need to be listened to and then deleted in order to make more room for… more podcasts. Damn you iPod, and your addictive ways.

5. The iPod is in my pocket just as much as my wallet. I’m thinking a pretty awesome product would be the combination iPod and wallet, so I can constantly remind myself how much cash I have on hand to buy another iPod.

6. Mastering the one-handed iPod navigation technique. If you can navigate the scroll wheel, choose a song, and flip the hold switch all with one hand, you spend too much quality time with your iPod. Bonus points if you do this while driving.

7. The iPod wins out over the internet. On a recent vacation, I left the laptop at home… but I took the iPod.

8. iPod withdrawal symptoms. Where did I put that iPod? I’m going to be late for work. But I have to find the iPod before I go out the door… otherwise, how will my commute be tolerable? I might have to call in sick until I find it.

9. Listening to the iPod when there are other listening options around. For example: I’m sitting directly in front of a computer at work but find myself listening to the iPod because that’s where all my music is.

10. Wanting another iPod “just because.” For no practical reason, I’ve been ogling the really super tiny iPod Shuffle. If I buy it, I can hook my iPod Video up to the stereo and just leave it there as a home entertainment center. Wait, that doesn’t make any sense… wouldn’t it be easier to get an iTV or something and stream the tunes from my computer…? But I want a reason to get another iPod!

11. Compressing television shows just so I can watch them on my iPod… or the TV. The more I think about it, this is the surest sign of iPod addiction. I own a MacBook. I can burn a DVD. Yet I sometimes insist on compressing nice, big videos down to postage stamp size so I can watch them… on my iPod. Then when I hook up my iPod to the TV and watch a show there, just to prove it can be done, I weep inside… because I know I’ll never be cured.


  1. Thomas says:

    CD? They still make those things. ;) It’s all downloads for me.

  2. webomatica says:

    Heh… I believe CDs are those silver platter things people use for file storage when there’s no flash drive handy. A long time ago, they were used for music… kind of like those cassette things you sometimes see at Goodwill…

  3. moose says:

    just got a touch haven’t put it down…… I’m actually on it right now ….and just. I’m really only commenting just so I can type on the key bored

    • ipod addict says:

      this morning before school my sister stole my ipod and took it to school and when i caught her with it at lunchtime and she refused to give it back i litereally sat down and cried lol

  4. Thomas Bailey says:

    I have over a thousand cassettes, a couple dozen CDs, and a fair number of vinyl LPs. I did have a number of 45s and a few 78s at one time. I do not have an iPod.

  5. Texas Bill says:

    This is bad, i am 10 for 11 the only thing i really dont use as often is the web browser on my iphone. I have bought ipod mini (the first lcd one) ipod 60 gig video, the new ipod nano and iphone. i hope i am done. In between court cases i have my ear piece through my suit. Ipod is the invention of the century. I am guilty. LOL

    Obama 2008 !!!

  6. Addiction says:

    Addiction means we are powerless over it and it may be alcohol or Ipod.I was an addict for 12 years and now i am sober.Addiction is terrible.Beware of Addiction

  7. ren says:

    Hook the iPod up to the TV to watch? How does this work? I can't get any video when I try it.

    I think my addiction is more of an mp3 player addiction than an iPod addiction. It's like I want every brand of mp3 player, and I'm well on my way to having had every brand. But most of this list fits in regards to mp3 players in general, though I would never ever leave my laptop at home and just take my iPod. I will always take BOTH, haha.

  8. sharmaine84 says:

    i laughed out loud so HARD while reading this cos so much is hilariously true

    guilty can't leave anywhere with out

  9. sparisi1122 says:

    I feel the same way. I listen to my iPod touch all damn day. I sync it at least 3 times a day finding great pleasure at seeing my play counts for each song slowly tick up.

    For some odd reason I want to own other iPod models as well, despite having the most advanced iPod model only second to the iPhone.

  10. Kathy says:

    I don’t leave home without underware and that goes for my iPod too! It’s called “iToucholoic” and people get it when they become addicted in over using it. They take it everywhere and will never lose contact with it. Most iToucholoics will even take their iPod to bed with them. There is no known cure for this affection.

  11. Brandi says:

    I’m so addicted to my touch I have a ritual and it results to her yes she has a gender, sleeping under my pillow.

  12. Caddy says:

    I have total iPod addictiveness. I just got an iPod Shuffle today, and I haven’t put it down. I’ve synced it at least 6 times, and when i charged it, i kept it in my hand and listened to the music from my laptop.

    I really want a nano, and iPod Touch. Except I’m twelve ( thirteen in May) and have about $23 saved up from allowance. I’m listening to my beloved iPod right now:)

    My iPod’s green, and I can’t seem to stop peeking at it. when i saw the green one on, i fell in love with the color green which of course is my favorite color now.

    I’m bringing my iPod to school, wether my teachers like it or not.
    I’m addicted but I love it too :)

  13. Addict says:

    I am the same. But with an iPod touch. It’s sad because my mom sent this to me and I looked at it on my iPod.

    I need help!

    It’s 1:20am and I am sitting in my room hoping my parents don’t wake up because it’s a school night and I SHOULD be trying to sleep within the next hour. But I can’t stop going back on it!

    It’s the first thing I reach fir when I wake up. I literally wake up and slap my hand around looking for it. Is that sad?

    I sulked in the hotel room for hours when I took my iPod on vacation and forgot the charger. I cried. I’m a loser. T_T

    I bought a book, found it on my iPod, and ditched the paper and read it on my little electric drug.

    I decided to admit to being addicted.

    But I will never give up my iPod.


  14. mary says:

    I have an 11 year old granddaughter who is so addicted, she is never without it. In the house, the car, school, stores, the bathroom, ALWAYS has it!! She listened to music, takes pictures, edits her hundreds of pictures, downloads apps to use it for texting. She is on the internet, facebook (wow), when her parents locked down all the wi-fy she started running away so that she could sit outside the coffee shops to have wi-fy to get on the internet. …
    I AM SO AGAINST KIDS & TEENS EVEN HAVING THEM. They can not even carry on a conversation because they are always straining their eyes to see it and always typing on the internet or texting. If they have them they need to be really regulated from the beginning.

  15. Jed899 says:

    I think I’m addicted to my ipod touch in fact I’m typing up this comment on iPod.I always use it for internet it’s so much faster than my PC because i always have minecraft open as i happen to be addicted to minecraft as well.Im 14 years old and I’m awake right now at 1.30AM typing up this message :D

  16. Jed899 says:

    Oh i forgot to mention i never sync or update my ipod because mine is jailbroken ,So much more customization *cough*and i get paid apps for free*cough* so i try to keep my ipod away from apple :D