The Beatles, Yellow Submarine

December 8, 2006

The Beatles: Yellow Submarine

Only A Northern Song

2 stars = 2 stars

I do like the general melody of this tune (especially the way the chords jump about while George sings: “It doesn’t really matter what chords I play,” but the production doesn’t make much sense. It’s kind of caught between Magical Mystery Tour and Revolver with the spinning tape loops and some pleasant-enough horns, however, the end result is more a mish-mash of kitchen-sink tossing than anything worth listening to over and over.

All Together Now

4 stars = 4 stars

This is a cute Paul tune that he likely wrote in his sleep. The lyrics are nursery-rhyme simple, and it’s fun like Yellow Submarine. John takes care of some of the vocals, quipping “Chop the tree” like some jokey uncle who likes offering the kids sips of his beer at parties.

Hey Bulldog

4 stars = 4 stars

This is a pretty great John song, with a blunt guitar lick (reminiscent of a meaner Day Tripper) that’s kind of like a James Bond theme. The middle part of “you can talk to me” is a harbinger of much of his scarier stuff like Glass Onion or even Cold Turkey. But one thing bends it out of 5 stars, ever so slightly, for me – the overly long joking around with one of the Beatles pretending to be a dog.

It’s All Too Much

2 stars = 2 stars

Another average George song, but it doesn’t sound like this song completely has a handle on the electric guitar feedback, and once again the production is more toss-everything-in-there than inspired.

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iTunes Store Link: Yellow Submarine – The Beatles


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