YouTube: Lots of Morons Out There

October 6, 2006

Well, the Google buying YouTube rumors have been flying around in circles today, and the mainstream media is catching hold of it. Here’s an article at the New York Times which seems to bump it out of “unsubstantiated” to an actual news event.

And here’s USAToday, the interesting part being some additional info about an “insider” who claims over the past few weeks a “ton of offers” have been coming in. So it may not be just Google.

I guess according to Mark Cuban, there are a lot of morons out there with a few billion dollars to blow. I’m sure we can infer Google but obviously some other companies as well. I’d love to see a bidding war between Yahoo! and Google, heck let’s throw Microsoft and a few old media companies in there, too. Can we say $2 billion? 3?

Is the bubble back? Should I bust out the sock puppet? Maybe I should just eat more Amici’s pizza.