Good Busy Day, Axl Rose

March 8, 2006

Some days are just insanely busy, but make you feel more productive than normal, and near the end you might as well finish up a bunch of stuff hanging over your head because you have the momentum.

Listened to some of Axl Rose’s Chinese Democracy leaked tracks. I don’t really consider myself a metal fan, but the story behind this album is one of those bizarre pop culture stories that is just too fascinating to ignore. I mean, after several years, tens of millions spent, and many musicians’ involvement, this album has either got be some kind of masterwork or a total embarrassment. So the feeling I got from listening to some of these leaked tracks is that the train is headed towards the latter. Axl’s got a fine voice still, and there’s some moments of GnR glory, but overall there’s that aching “solo album” feel with many musical moments that bear the markings of paid-for overdubs.