Content Conversion to WordPress

January 8, 2006

One reason for moving Webomatica to Site5 is that is has a whole bunch of open source content management software that I admittedly know not much about. Such beasts as Drupal, Mambo, and Joomla (where do these names come from?). Anyhow, I figured I should start small and work my way up the ladder, so I’ve taken on WordPress.

As of this writing, the main Webomatica pages are moved over, and quite a bit of time was spent hacking the default template into something resembling my original site design. It’s not too difficult, mostly a matter of figuring out where files are and bending a long style sheet to my will. So far I’m pretty pleased with the results. You can compare my work in progress to this site.

WordPress should enable me to update the front page of Webomatica more often as well as continue with my movie review project. Other sections of the site will be spun off into other separate entities and linked to, namely the bottle cap collection (which I hope to use either Drupal or Joomla). The comics and photo galleries I will probably use some sort of image gallery solution.

Overall the experience has been enlightening. Database driven, dynamic websites are the future, and the “work locally and then upload” model suddenly seems archaic and slow. Anything that saves time is welcome these days.


  1. engtech says:

    My first post was on setting up categories in Blogger.


  2. webomatica says:

    I also find amusing how even back then I was bitching about not having enough time (anything that saves time is welcome these days). Even after a year of blogging I haven’t really solved that problem…